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Seriously love these guys! Our air conditioner totally stopped working! Called these guys! They arrived in less than an hour, after hours, and fixed my ac. Not only did they do this but they even gave me tips to prevent future problems. Their prices were beyond fair and I know I will utilize their services again.
Dottie F.
Mesa, AZ

I'm updating my review to 6 stars! (If I could!) I don't have enough words to express my gratitude to Fresh Breeze! I know my unit is not great, it's a commercial building which I lease so I'm really hoping to not have to replace it... so needless to say Ben has been out to service my business last year. This year, the AC goes out and I frantically call Ben. Him and his worker come ASAP. They're clean, professional, friendly and personable. They get my unit working while I sit in my business scared of the bill. Ben walks in after the unit kicks on and I brace myself for the damage. He greets me with a smile and says "well, we got it working. And even better, it was my mistake last year". I'm like um what. It's worked fine for over 12 months. He says "yup, you're all set for today, I've fixed the problem and you're good to go". (With some other AC mumble jumble that I don't understand, or maybe I was in shock). What an honest business man!!! He could've easily charged me, but instead chose to be honest and eat the bill!! Thank you Ben and Fresh Breeze! You'll be my go-to HVAC company for as long as you're around!!!
Chanelle S.
Maricopa, AZ