What Should I Do If My AC Is Running Constantly?

When your AC is running constantly it could be a sign that something is wrong. It also means you're using more energy and spending way too much on your electric bill. Let's go over some of the most common reasons why this might happen.


Low Airflow

If you're experiencing an air conditioner that never shuts off, there is a chance your system has low airflow. Your AC needs sufficient airflow in order to keep cool and most homeowners are aware of this! If something blocks the path from entering into or exiting through where warm/hot outside temperatures meet inside surfaces (like walls), then all bets could be on for additional lengthier running periods because it cannot get enough natural convection currents going which will result with higher operating costs over time due not only energy use but also wear & tear on devices like fans & motors themselves.


Air Filter is Dirty

Every now and then, it’s important to check your AC system for any dirt or other debris that may have gotten into the unit. You can do this by accessing its air filter on an internal wall in most homes with circulated indoor units- just be sure not to damage anything when opening up these panels! If there are particles obstructing airflow within a home's conditioned space (i.,e: hallway), try shining light through them from different angles until you find what looks like small pieces of junk lodged between two vents; remove as many objects as possible but leave at least one behind so they don't get sucked back inside during operation time.

You know your air conditioner is working hard to cool your home, but if the vents are closed and not letting enough outside noises in then it can't do its job. So open up all of those supply ducts that blow into our house—you should also check them on occasion because we use these spaces differently from how they were intended!

Make sure there's nothing blocking the return vent. The fan inside your AC unit sucks cool air from outside and blows it back into the room, where you can feel all those nice circulating breezes! If something is in front of that slot for a vent to enter through (such as furniture), then this will stop your machine way too soon; running nonstop until someone moves their things outta' way so they don't turn off what keeps them comfortable at night--a/c.

Air Conditioners are Too Large or Small

The most common mistake for HVAC installers is getting the size right. Many “technicians” will simply replace your old A/C with a similarly sized one, but that's not what you want! In order to properly size an air conditioning system in your home (or business), all areas must be measured including square footage insulation and ventilation so it can work as efficiently as possible without costing too much money - if there are problems then they may cost more than necessary just because of their inefficient design which leads us into another issue: airflow issues caused by poorly planned homes.

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