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About the Escobedo Historic District in Mesa, AZ 85201

Escobedo Historic District is a historic neighborhood in Mesa, Arizona. It was the first subdivision in the city to be platted and developed as such. The neighborhood includes many well-preserved 1920s bungalows and brick cottages. This area is close to downtown Mesa and Phoenix, making it an ideal location for commuters who work in either of these cities or need access to nearby amenities like shopping, dining, and entertainment.  The Escobedo Historic District has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1988 and designated a Local Historic Landmark by the City of Mesa since 2006.


Things to Do in Escobedo Historic District in Mesa, AZ 85201

The Escobedo Historic District in Mesa, AZ is a great place to visit if you are interested in history. The area was home to many of the early pioneers who settled in Mesa and has been preserved so that future generations can enjoy what it looked like back then. It's also fun for kids because they get to see how people used to live.


Here’s a shortlist of our favorites:


1.Mesa Amphitheatre | 263 N Center St, Mesa, AZ 85201, United States

When you're looking for a great concert venue, look no further than The Mesa Amphitheatre. It's best known for its location and intimate size, big enough to host amazing shows but small enough where everyone has their own perfect view of the stage. The market surrounding this Phoenix-based open-air music hall ranges from 4 million people as well. It draws visitors who come here not only during events like concerts or festivals but also on weekends when families want an outdoor picnic spot close by.

2. William Barnhart Studio LLC | 506 N Center St, Mesa, AZ 85201, United States

William Barnhart Studio has contemporary figurative artworks and an exploration of the drama, emotional complexities, and spiritual realities that this human experience we live in holds. William Barnhart strives to unravel these universal truths with his work as a way for it to be engaging for viewers from all walks of life class differences or politics aside. William Barnhart Studio has a large oil painting containing beautiful portrayals such as love, whether between two lovers sharing their passion at leisure on museum wall space,  joyous moments where children can't help but laugh out loud because they know no other kind feeling than happiness filling every part inside them up until now.

3. Main Library - Mesa Public Library | 64 E 1st St, Mesa, AZ 85201, United States

Mesa Public Library believes that everyone should have the opportunity to learn and grow. They empower their patrons with free information, resources, instruction on how best to use what they already know as well as guidance from librarians who are always available for assistance when needed. Mesa public library provides lifelong learning opportunities by offering programs in reading workshops or book clubs where you can meet other people interested not only in your interests but also those of different genres such as romance novels which might be outside the box than anything else offered at this branch yet still enjoyable due to its popularity among teens growing up here.

Living in Escobedo Historic District in Mesa, AZ 85201

Escobedo Historic District is the perfect place to live if you're looking for a family-friendly community that offers all of the amenities of modern life. Many residents take pride in keeping their neighborhoods clean and presentable. The area has lots of green space with beautiful landscaping, parks, playgrounds, and walking trails. Residents also have access to nearby shopping areas like Mesa Mall or Uptown Plaza.

Living in Escobedo Historic District is your best option if you want easy access to great schools, quaint cafes with delicious food options, top medical facilities.


Residents are also able to enjoy a rich spiritual life at the following houses of worship:


1. Hillsong Church, Mesa Campus | 655 E University Dr, Mesa, AZ 85203, United States

Loving God. Loving People. Loving Life. Hillsong Church is a diverse community of extraordinary people from all ages, races, and backgrounds who share an undying love for one another in equal measure as they grow together into something greater that will always be home to them no matter what life throws at us or how high the hills may seem steep when we're alone.

2. Apologia Church | 717 N Stapley Dr, Mesa, AZ 85203, United States

The church isn’t just about going to the right place at the right time on Sunday morning. The church is who you are, and it doesn't have to be hard work or difficult. At Apologia church means following Jesus with your whole heart as well as living life together in service of others around us. Apologia church wants you to know that they’re here for your every need and desire. They don't want anyone stepping into a new thing without understanding how important it is, so they've prepared this information about what Apologia Church looks like a week in and out of course with answers to questions most people ask us already or will soon be asking.

3. St Mark's Episcopal Church | 322 N Horne, Mesa, AZ 85203, United States

Founded in Mesa, Arizona just before the state was even created and with an original church on Pepper Place downtown, St. Mark’s has been a part of this community for over 100 years. In 1964 they moved to their current location at 17th Street. The St. Mark’s Episcopal Church is a faith community that endeavors to restore all people in the spirit of Christ, through prayer and worship for those who are lost or at odds with themselves. They also promote justice by sharing God's love throughout our communities as well as peace among other religions around the world.

Parks, Schools & Other Points of Interest in Escobedo Historic District in Mesa

There are many things to do in Escobedo Historic District in Mesa. It is a very popular place for those who love the outdoors and have kids. There are parks that families can go to together or even give their young children time to play on their own. For those who enjoy spending time with friends, there are also bars and restaurants they can go to after work or school lets out for the day. If you're looking for something different though,  check out Escobedo Historic District in Mesa because it has some great points of interest within its borders.


Here’s a short list all located in Escobedo Historic District:


1. Eisenhower Center for Innovation | 848 N Mesa Dr, Mesa, AZ 85201, United States

The Eisenhower Center for Innovation is a center on the Mesa Campus that provides resources, workshops, and services to faculty, staff, and students. The mission of the Eisenhower Center is to facilitate creativity in education through innovation by providing programs and services that support both individuals as well as groups. The Eisenhower Center for Innovation offers many different types of professional development opportunities including courses for creative professionals who are looking to learn new skills or refresh their portfolio. They also offer events such as lectures from visiting speakers or demonstrations from industry experts which give people hands-on experience with concepts they may not have had access to before.

2. Kino Junior High School | 848 N Horne, Mesa, AZ 85203, United States

They are proud of their accomplishments: raising their letter grade, becoming the only Junior High School in Mesa Schools to be an AVID Demonstration School, and mastering technology during remote learning. But they didn't come this far just for recognition or because it's easy. Kino staff and students work everyday with a single-minded focus on improvement gaining new skill sets each day as well as working towards being better versions of ourselves both inside and out.

3. Fitch Park Playground | 651 N Center St, Mesa, AZ 85211, United States

Fitch Park Playground is a great place for kids to have fun, but it also has many other purposes. This park provides the perfect space for children's birthday parties or family get-togethers. It can even be used as a safe location to hold special events like weddings and reunions. There are several picnic tables throughout the park that make it easy to pack up food and sit down with friends and family on a beautiful day at Fitch Park Playground in Mesa, AZ.

4. Pioneer Park | 526 E Main St, Mesa, AZ 85203, United States

Pioneer Park is a public park in Mesa, Arizona. It has many different features, including two ponds with ducks and geese, walking paths around the pond, picnic tables and benches near the ponds, a playground for children to play on, trees that provide shade from the sun when it's hot out. Pioneer Park also offers soccer fields where people can go play sports or just hang out with friends. One of the favorite things about this park is all of the fountains that help keep you cool in summer. There are four fountains located at each corner of Pioneer Park which have water jets that shoot into the air when activated by a sensor built into them.

5. Mesa Country Club | 660 W Fairway Dr, Mesa, AZ 85201, United States

Located along the borders of Tempe and Scottsdale in northwest Mesa, Mesa Country Club is a traditional gem. A parkland layout set among towering eucalyptus and pines with 6,900 yards on each hole-par-72 rounds can be played here. Unlike other clubs in the Valley, Mesa Country Club skirts up and down a plateau from which it gets its name. With dramatic elevation changes throughout these twists and turns, of course, comes with an impressive list of amenities, dining spots for all your cravings plus lighted tennis courts to keep you going when weather is bad, pickleball diamond so players can be active outside or just have some fun.

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