Meet The Team

Tracy Wanless, also known as Tate, grew up in rural WI and graduated from a small high school. In 1986 he met his wife Vicky, got married and moved to Chandler. In 1990, Tate attended RSI and shortly after graduation his own A/C business. Vicky and Tate have been married for 28 yrs and have 2 kids, Angie and Ben. Tate’s life goal is to pay off his rental properties and live off of the rental income, in order to be able to step back from full time A/C work and spend time with Vicky traveling, helping at church and doing Home projects.
Ben Wanless, is 24 yrs old and was born the year his father, Tate, got into the A/C business. Ben grew up in and around the business and is hard working, friendly, honest, our customers love him! Ben has a natural knack for repairing anything mechanical. Ben’s life goal is to take over FreshBreeze and continue to grow the business by taking great care of our customers. Ben also enjoys buying and renovating investment properties.
Angela Wanless, Tate’s daughter, is 26 years old, helps us in our office and is also currently enrolled in nursing school. Angela is the go-to gal for all things computer and phone related. Her Goals are to finish nursing school, get a few years in the field and ultimately to travel the world by becoming a travelling nurse. Angela is Tate’s #1 Fan (Daddy’s Girl) and she has a great deal of compassion and a strong desire to help others. She’s a great asset to the company.