Q: At what temperature should I set my thermostat?
A: Your comfort is the main reason for cooling your home, with this in mind you need to keep the temperature were you feel most comfortable while keeping in mind the cost to run the A/C unit.  The electric companies recommended temperature setting is 80 degrees, and personally, I like to keep our thermostat at 80 during the day and 76 when we are home.


Q: How long should an A/C unit last?
A: We have customers with units built in the early 80’s, making them over 30 years old, but that is definitely the exception to the rule. Most homes will be fortunate to get 20 years out of the average unit. Although the unit may function for that long, as the unit reaches 15 years old it will begin losing efficiency and repair and maintenance costs will go up.


Q: What type of filter should I use in my A/C unit?
A: Although the pleated filters and washable filters cost more and claim to remove dust mites and dander, we suggest using the cheapest, flat throw-away filters.  Your A/C unit needs to “breathe”, and the pleated and washable filters restrict the airflow going through the unit. This will decrease the air coming from the supply vents, causing hot spots in the far back rooms, which will eventually cause the indoor coil to freeze and ultimately will do damage to the outdoor unit.  If you desire better air filtration, we have a very reasonable product that can help you achieve this, so give us a call for a free demo.